Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vivienne's Last Words

Who will hear the sound of the earth crying?
who will feel the earth suffering?
she's hurting i am hurting her sickness is my sickness
i love this earth
i am aware of her suffering
oh god, i am not fantasising i can feel it

we must wake up to the earth suffering
we must stop putting holes into her
she is our blood and flesh she is me
and we must start feeling her pain.
my pain is her pain and its everyone's pain
everyone's pain.

and if we can not start feeling her pain
we will die.
and that's why we are hurting,
because we try to be numb.
numbness is death.
the earth is one.
We are the earth.
The earth is us.

We must feel. feeling keeps us alive.
healing keeps us connected.
And she is crying
I feel her pain.
We must all feel it,
so we can stop hurting her.
Feeling brings me back to life
Feeling brings me back to the earth.

The earth is my mother,
the earth is my father
My sister, my brother.
The earth is me,
the earth is precious.
We are all precious.
So long as we are numb, the hurts will still keep coming
The hurts mean being alive.
No feeling equals death.

Once we stop hurting the earth and each other
We will be happy again,
and we can come home to precious earth again.

The earth loves us as we need to love each other, ourselves. I
can feel the earth. She wants us to feel again.
To come back to life.
Its then that the suffering stops.
It is up to us.
Its up to all of us.
If the earth hurts, I hurt.
We all hurt.
We are one being, we are one living being, Earth.

Await, I am listening to my body.
And earth is my body.
What I do to my body, I do to earth.
Only love will heal it all.
Earth can show us how.
And then we will all be happy.

Thank you for being there.
This cancer is the earth speaking.
All of our cancers speak for the earth.
Oh my god, put your hands on me.
Today I am going to lie on the earth.
To let the earth heal me.
The tumour is telling me,
If I don't hear it, it will not go away.
It came as a messenger.
It will come in all of us, until our bodies are covered with tumours.
They are our messengers.
To come home to the earth.
To come home to our bodies.
And all of the poisons we are putting in her body, in my body
in your body...
You cannot pour ink into a glass of water and think that it will not spread.
Yet that is what is happening.
And to be healthy, we must start hearing the song of the Earth.
Only then will we come and heal our tormented self.

Listen to the earths heartbeat.
Listen to your own heartbeat.
Listen to each others heartbeat.
The myriad beings who share this precious earth
It's the same heartbeat.

Oh god, its nearly done.
I am not some kind of Messiah.
I am a simple woman.
Everyone can feel it.
Anyone can heal it.
Put your ear to the earth.
If you can't hear it, if you stop long enough, you can.
Put your ear to the earth until you do.
If you can't feel it,
put your hands into the earth Until you do.
If you can't see it, look closer.
See her creatures. They will tell you.

There is just a tiny bit more, and then I sleep.
This energy running through me is nearly done.
Let me look into your eyes,
so that I can see your suffering.
Once more, a tiny bit...
Your suffering.
So I can see your suffering, as well as your joy.
Let us grow in our feelings.

I am losing the last bit.
Let it go...let it go...
Through this cancer,
the earth is borrowing me to speak.
the cancer said if you try to shut me up i will shut you up
i will speak aloud
if you don't want to hear me i'll speak louder.

I am no guru. I am just a simple woman.
I am awake.
The cancer has spoken.
We need to hear it.
We all need to hear it.
If anything comes, I'll let you know.
The trembling has stopped.
I feel quiet.
Blessed be,
it is done it has spoken.
All I know is I have to keep listening.
It may keep speaking.
It doesn't matter,
I will know when, and what I have to know.

Vivienne Elanta, co-founder of the Gaia Foundation, July 2004, shortly before her death

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